The small village in the north of the Portuguese Atlantic coast, directly on the border with Spain, only about 50 minutes drive from the airports of Porto or Vigo.
A true wing paradise, a wide range of wind and wave conditions can be found within a few kilometers. This area is therefore ideally suited for every performance level.

Wing-Foil Center

The wind is almost always blowing here because the warm air rises over the land and sucks in the colder air from the Atlantic.
The rising warm air is accelerated on the slopes of the mountains and provides a reliable wind near the coast.

As a rule, the S/W wind blows in winter and the N wind, the well-known Nortada, blows in summer. It starts around noon and increases steadily until 5 p.m.
Perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers, but also the ideal place to start wing foiling thanks to sheltered bays.

in the right place at the right time

Wing-Foil Station: Praia Foz do Minho

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Praia Foz do Minho

This spot is particularly popular with wing beginners. The Praia foz do Minho has a length of 450m, the standing area at the shore is about 20m. There is an offshore sandbank, which is dry depending on the tide, or offers another standing area.
Should the Nortada fail to blow, the beach has other very interesting local wind phenomena.
Land Wind: In the mornings, an offshore breeze often blows on the beaches of Portugal (east wind). The river valley accelerates the wind at Praia foz do Minho. There is an onshore constant wind between 10 and 15 knots from sunrise to around 10 a.m., ideal for early risers.
Sea wind: when there is no Nortada, but warm, then there is a sea brize in the afternoon starting around 2:00 p.m. This wind is also increased by the valley up to 15 knots, ideal for Wing-Foil.
The southwest wind often causes big waves on the open coast, at Praia foz do Minho it blows offshore, gusty, but with mirror-flat water! It also occurs when there is fog on the coast, the fog rises at the mouth of the river, bringing sun and wind.
Due to the local winds, there is a good 80% wind yield for Wing-Foil in the summer months.
Depending on the tide, the current flows against the wind direction, which helps you not to drift off so quickly at the beginning, this gives you more time to practice and thus faster success!

Wave-Wing Spot: Praia do Moledo

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Praia do Moledo

Praia do Moledo the northernmost section can be reached by foot (250m distance). This beach often offers a completely different picture than the one on the river side. Here you can surf to the island and make your first experiences in the waves. Due to the waves and currents, the beach is only an option for advanced surfers, beginners stay in the protected river area.